Bloom Now

25/09/2015 10:23

Friend, the Lord asks you to bloom where you are planted.

Maybe you are in a place of pain and sorrow or what the world calls a hard place, without the many things needed to sustain your life - but even so, bloom where you are planted.

Pray and seek God's Will for your life and bloom where you are planted.

God will make a Way out for you when you are blooming.

Blooming means you have a cheerful heart, you have accepted His Will and you are ready for the next step forward.

When you are blooming, He opens doors for you because your will is in sync with His Will.

Blooming means you have humbled your "self" to Him. You see Him as the Leader and are able to step aside from your own strong will that has taken you down pathways where the soil was so dry and arid that you could not bloom.

Will you do it, friend? Will you bloom where you are planted?