Break Free

19/09/2014 12:08

Break Free from the clutches of this world!

Set out on the Path of Righteousness that guarantees inner victory. 

The world may look at you and see something they do not desire, but my friend, God looks at you with Love.  His desire is for you to have Peace and Understanding and Knowledge and Wisdom and be filled with His Love.

To possess the favour of Almighty God brings you great happiness!

Let go of preconceived ideas and look to Jesus the author and finisher of your faith in Him, to be the end all and be all of your existence.

Allow the Truth to be unfolded before your eyes.  Look out on the world through the eyes of Jesus and see what He sees and, saw while He walked among us. Read Mathew, Mark, Luke and John for firsthand accounts. (In the Holy Bible)

Learn of Him.  Get to know how He operates.  His Law is ultimate.  Nothing exists without it.  We see from the perspective of one discovering, but He is the One who thinks and it is so.  Nothing can exist without Him.

It's a leap of faith to believe this.  We are creatures who have been conditioned to believe only what we see.  To us, that is proof - to see.  But we don't see behind the scenes of why something exists without our heart and mind being touched by our King.

We will never get to the Truth without Him.

Break free from your old thinking and allow Him to reveal Himself and His Creation to you in all Truth.

It is a beautiful journey of magnificent and miniscule delights!