Break Free

29/12/2014 20:07

Friend, have you broken free from the bondage of sin and received the forgiveness that you are entitled to through Jesus's death on the Cross?

He died for you!

He died so that you could be with Him in Heaven at the end of your days here on earth.  He has a place for you.

God is all knowing.  He knew you would be born.  He knew you would sin.  He knew when He carried the Cross to Calvary as the people mocked Him, and then crucified Him that He was making a way for you - for each one of us who would believe He did that for us.

The Holy Spirit is showing you who Jesus is and what He accomplished for you.  FORGIVENESS!!

Friend, thank Him. Praise Him, Bless Him and get in line with the mind of Christ who loves you.  Love Him.

There is none other who can forgive your sins.  Only Jesus. 

There is no other way to Heaven, but through belief in Jesus the Son 0f God.

All other entities who are godly and good are in the same position as yourself.  Saints cannot get you to Heaven.  They can show you Jesus and you still have to believe in Him.  He looks on your heart and knows whether you believe in him or the saint.   Many people believe in saints and God and omit the Son or think He is unapproachable and they need to weedle their way into Heaven through the virgin Mary.  She may be uplifted in Heaven somehow but she would point you to the Son also. 

The only Way is Jesus.

Read through the Bible and you will discover this also.

Bless you in your humble search to break free from old thinking.