Call on Me

22/01/2015 21:05

Friend, call on Him and He will answer you.

It's so simple.  Just speak to Him in simplicity.  Your  words - He will hear and respond.

Pour out your thoughts to Him - let them tumble out freely.

Are you uncertain if He exists?  Tell Him.

And, my friend, listen with your inner soul.  He will meet you there and you will hear with a knowing within your spirit.

Go often to Him for refreshing water that will quench your thirst for He knows your soul is parched and dry.  It is here He will renew your spirit and build you up so that your flesh can benefit from the soul's renewal.

We can come to him in any state of sinful living.  He does not want us to wait until we have cleaned up the mess we have fallen into.  He died for us while we were sinners.  We can never get clean enough by ourselves.  The stain of sin will always be upon us until we are washed in the Blood of Christ Jesus.  He shed that Blood on the Cross for us.

The Bible says that Blood, makes us white as snow ( cleanses us), when we accept Christ as our Saviour.

It's a God way of doing things.  The devil cannot offer us this Great Gift, Friend.  The Gift was costly to God and He values it like a Rare Gem and so should we. 

Accept it, for sure, Friend and walk in Freedom with Jesus.  He can set you on the Path to Victory over all the sin that is in your life and all the unhealthy ways that overtake us. 

We just need to keep our focus on Him.  Call on Him!