Call On The Lord

21/06/2016 10:21

Friend, we have the freedom to call on the Lord at any moment during the day or night.

When we call out to Him in a heartfelt way, He will always respond.

It is the "heart to Heart", "deep to Deep" that He will never deny.

Bible Verse

James 4:8 Draw near to God and He will draw near to you. Humble yourselves in the sight of the Lord and He shall lift you up.

The Holy Spirit is givng sound advice to the believer and what God says He will do, He does.

We have the assurance that when we draw near to God, desiring to know Him, to learn about Him and to obey Him; He will draw close to us and listen intently to our requests.

He knows the difficulties we have in keeping our thoughts and mind focused on Him, but as long as we are contrite and admit to Him when we have stumbled on the Path, He will reach out a hand to help us back onto the Path of Righteousness where He can bless us abundantly.

He first created and loved our soul, and we have gone astray, but when we turn to Him in recognition of Who He is and love Him, He rejoices over us and showers of blessing from His Heavenly Hands become ours.

This is not the reason to love Him, as we cannot fool Him with the shallow love of a fool.

But, a genuine Godly fear and love of Him is one that is working within His Law and Will and when we call on Him, He answers according to His Law and Will with Love as a Father defending His children.