Can You Not Commit?

03/02/2015 10:57

Friend, are you having dificulty committing to Jesus?

Does He hold your heart in the palm of His hand?

Are you His?

Ask yourself what it is that is keeping you from being fully His. 

Is it something that still claims you in the world?

Is there a nagging doubt?

Will you have to be different?

Are you weak and know you cannot live without some sin in your life?

What is it?

Identify it and speak to the Lord about it.  He already knows but unless you speak to Him about it, you will have a hard time moving past the issue.

Speaking to Him helps us to find the words to describe the issue, and in doing so we also begin to see the issue from His perspective, and receive from Him the assurance that we are able to overcome and continue on the journey with Him.

When we try to overcome on our own we can have some success but to share with the Lord brings surer success and quicker resolution to the problem, because He sees the best way for us.

You the child should seek to know the King.  He is waiting to reveal more about Himself to you.  Don't miss out on the Peace and Joy that comes from having a personal relationship with Him.