04/12/2015 20:55

Friend, it's time to celebrate!

Actually, every day is a day for celebration when you know Jesus!

This season of celebration is a time to remember the Great Gift that God the Father has given us. He asked Heaven, who He could send to earth. With all the meaning that request entailed, all Heaven knew that they could not answer the call.

This was a rhetorical question. God knew only He could be a Sacrifice and the Son said, "Send Me!"

No hesitation, the Word of God, the Son, (God) who spoke and the world was created, loved His creation so purely that He knew He would not abandon us to evil.

He saw our weakness, He saw the future, He saw the evil one overtaking us and knew that we needed a Saviour who would pay the Ultimate Sacrifice to cover all the sins of the world, past, present and future, once and for all.

Christmas celebrates the birth of the One who said, "Send Me, I will go."

And, so it was the Bible tells us, that the Word was spoken and prophecies were made as to the birth and death and resurrection of our Lord that we read about in the Old Testament.

We find in the New Testament that the Son did leave Heaven and all the Glory that was His to come as a lowly human, to grow and walk among us to heal and teach us and be led to the Cross according to all the Scripture prophecies.

As horrible as it was and as inhuman were his sufferings, we now celebrate His Birth because He came for each of us as individuals. He came to free us from the bondage of sin that had us in chains.

His birth is important because of the Great Gift of Sacrifice that He was prepared to make available to us.

Let us celebrate by giving, by honoring Him through worship, by loving one another and creating wonderful memories.

Forgiveness is key. Think Godly. "What would Jesus do?" "How would Jesus react?"

Friend, for you I pray a Blessed and Happy and Merry Christmas!