Celebrating His Birth

24/12/2014 09:27

Christmas is the time set aside in the year for Christians to celebrate the birth of the Hope of the world.

It is not the exact date of His birth.

We exchange gifts because it is a symbolic sharing to each other of the Gift that God gave us, His Son.  It's a reminder that Jesus was a Gift to the world.  God sharing with us His only Son to fulfill His Plan of Redemption.

God was generous and caring when He planned for the birth of Jesus.  It was a Holy Gift - very costly to God.

Also the lights we use to light our tree and homes, are a  reflection of the Light that is Jesus who came to be with us.

The Angel on top of the Christmas tree is a reminder of the Holy angel who brought tidings of great joy for mankind.

It is a time of celebration of life and should be filled with joy because our Saviour was born.  He came to walk among us and to fulfill the Law and prove the prophets of God as correct with their prophesies of His coming.

Bless you this Christmas and throughout the New Year, as you reflect on the purposes of God in sending His Son to be born of a virgin and to be crucified and resurrected, and to rule as King of Heaven and earth.

Let Holy joy enter your heart and mind. Praise Him!  Sing carols and start out the coming year knowing you have a Saviour who thought of you - when He made the decision to become human, and leave behind all the glories of Heaven, only to be despised and hunted down, eventually crucified and shunned by all He loved.

He chose you - will you now choose Him? 

That is His question to you.