Child-like believers

29/02/2016 05:59

Friend, God wants committed strong believers but He calls us first as small children asking us to have a child-like faith.

Children are very open and innocent and look to adults as the sustainer and nourisher and soother of all their needs. They fully believe that we will supply everything they need to be alive.

They trust fully ( until we break their trust ) that we will supply love, food, warmth, shelter, entertainment etc.

They have happy hearts, they sing and dance in the moment, assume that everyone loves them, that nothing is impossible for them.

This is how God wants us to look to Him. Our faith needs to be child-like.

He asks us to believe that He is the One who Loves us and will provide all our needs. And like any good parent, He will show us when we have stepped over a boundary that will bring us harm if we continue down that path.

Become a trusting child of Almighty God! The benefits are so fulfilling to our souls.

Let  your answers always be "Yes, Father."  

When you notice that He convicts you of a sinful thought, perhaps critical of others, immoral, selfish - you will know it if you're listening with a child-like spirit, immediately your response should be "Yes, Father. Help me to cleanse that from my thinking."

Jesus told the disciples in Mathew 3:3 Except you become as little children you cannot enter the Kingdom of Heaven. 

Worldy ways had become the norm for them. Masculine ego was a part of their personas. They had to make livings to survive and their days would be filled with upmanship.

Jesus asked them to humble themselves to Him and not use these worldy ways in their faith with Him.

He knows we have to live in the world but He asks us to have a child-like faith in Him.