07/10/2016 20:22

Friend, how many more years are you going to follow after all the offerings of the world, and not give any thought to the offerings of God?

Shouldn't your soul have the right to know about Godly things?

Wouldn't that be wise?

Do you not, have the responsibility to examine the Word of God; in order for your soul to know what God says your soul can claim?

God's Word, the Holy Bible tells us that evil has full rein in the unbelievers heart.

I can hear:- "No, not mine. I don't believe in evil!"  "I'm actually a good person, God will see this." "People just make mistakes and God is a forgiving God, so He will forgive my mistakes." "There is no God!" "Religion is for fools." "Jesus was just a good teacher." "God has turned His back on us. We're on our own." "This life is the only life there is. You die and that's it." "Yes I see evil in the world, but God doesn't care." "The Bible couldn't be God's Word. Why doesn't He just appear and straighten things out." "My family doesn't believe, never have. So nor do I. I'll go where they go." "People will think I'm crazy if I start believing in God. I've made my stand and will stick with it." "No-one judges me!"

Ah, but friend, God does exist and if you are not "for" God, you are by default, automatically "for" evil.

This is God's Law; and ignorance does not equal innocence, because He has left the Holy Spirit here to convict us.

If there is Law; and we see it everywhere, (Creation couldn't exist without complex Laws) there is a Judge.

You have been convicted at some time in your life, but either have accepted or denied or put off for another time, the conviction.

Take a moment and speak to Him. Assume He is listening. (Because He always has His ear attuned to a seeker and searcher of Truth.)

When we stand before the Mighty King - and all will stand before Him - we will know without doubt what is Righteous and what is evil.

And, we will know how evil has claimed us. We will recognize our foolishness, but there will be no more time to correct the deficit in our soul. And we will understand that He is Righteous in all His decisions and we were "wrong". We will know we deserve to spend eternity away from His Love and Goodness.

For the ones who accepted Jesus as the Son of God they will have their Lord step forward and claim them as His own and the remaining souls who rejected Him will be sentenced by the Judge.

And don't worry about your life now. Being a believer does not take all the fun out of life. It secures a place in Heaven for you and guides you into a relationship with the Son that will entertain you in deep meaningful ways as you go about your earthly existence. God has allowed you to be the person you are now in order for you to be used by Him for Higher Purposes.

The time is now, friend.

Meditate on these things.