Choose Jesus

13/07/2020 15:17

Friend, we have choices to make every day.

But, the biggest choice of our whole lives, is to make the right choice for eternal life.

Many of our choices, that we make each day, lead us into dark places.

Seemingly innocent daliances with the devil's demons; within a split second, doom us to eternal death, both here in this world and in the life to come.

But, Jesus offers us Life Eternal as a member of the Eternal Kingdom of God the Almighty, Father of all things.

God owns everything and has the Power to do as He pleases!

Thank You God, that You are Good in all Your Ways!

Thank You God that Your Law is Beautiful and Just!

Thank You God that You are a Loving God!

God's Law says there is a Punishment for sin.

Sin is anything that is against what He says we can have or do; The Law - The Ten Commandments, because it is sin that causes us to fall into our enemy's grips and it is sin that caused His Son to be a Sacrifice for us.

Sin is against God; even when we sin against another person.

He gave The Law to us so we would be able to catch ourselves ( our soul,) before we sinned against Him.

A purveyor of sin counts itself higher than God, more intelligent than God. 

The demons are many; assigned to mankind by the evil one satan, God's antagonist, to help us fall from Grace.

The devil does not love or even like us. 

He hates God; he wants to subvert God (too funny); he wants to annoy God; he thinks he can overthrow God by simply having numbers; more of his ilk, than God has of His; believers in Jesus for His Sacrifice; His Forgiveness.

We are just for using as far as the demonic world is concerned. 

They will eat us up and spit out the bones while laughing at us for what we have done; given up our birthright to be free from the clutches of satan!

Those demons entice us with words of encouragement to do the sinful thing that will lead us into hell; they help us to rationalise and justify our words, thoughts and actions.

Sin copies to the best of it's created ability what God has said and done. 

This is how it entices us. 

Inwardly we know God is Light and Love.

Sin will come as light and love to us because it knows; when we do not know God and acts as if it is God; we will foolishly follow; but it is a counterfeit; a fake light which has no Godliness.

That is our choice in this world. We are faced with sin and have to make a choice whom we shall "serve."

God has made it so.

He will separate the good from the bad, the wheat from the chaff; the sheep from the goats and so it will be forevermore.

He looks upon the heart of man; is it good; able to be good once it knows Truth or is it inherently desiring to be evil and will never give over it's soul to Him?

We have to be discerning but we cannot fully discern without the Holy Spirit and His Holy Ministering angels.

When we allow the Spirit to help us, we will have great Victory in Overcoming all the trials and tribulations that the devil tries to trip us up on during our time spent on the earth.

Satan was not privy to God's Plan to redeem mankind though; because He was no longer the covering cherub. 

God did not allow Him to know that He had made provision in The Law for a Saviour and that The Saviour of mankind would be His Own Son.

So satan was blindsided and left out of the Final Plan of God for mankind, His Creation.

That Plan was; that because The Law callled for punishment for sin and The Law is unchanging, that instead of each person paying for his or her own sin, God would pay for it Himself.

The Punishment for breaking God's Law - Love your God with all your heart - is paid for all those, who recognise what God did, in allowing His Son to be a Sacrifice for our sins.

God says He is The Way. 

Jesus is God and He is The Way, The Light and The Life Eternal.

Choose Jesus, because He is The Way accepted by God, if you want to be a part of the Eternal Kingdom of God Almighty.

The Bible, God's Word to us, says there is One Way - Jesus.