Christianity Is The Last

05/01/2015 08:29

Christianity is the last thing we seek  - but it is the first to give us what we seek!

Friend, is this not true?

We search and seek every other available thing that the world offers but steer clear of the one real Truth that will bring us the peace and power we need.

It is the oddest thing that we avoid the one true God.  But, from experience, I know that we do and I see it all around me now, with the new eyes I have been given by Christ.

We become entangled in all kinds of "other" attractions and beliefs and looking from this new perspective I can see that these "others" are all false.  They are full of rabbit holes that we plunge down filled with the lust of life thinking, "This is it - I have found treasure for my soul."  

But, they are traps. 

There is only one Way.

None of those other ways is the Way that your soul is searching for!

Only Jesus can offer you what your soul yearns for - the other ways keep you chasing for something that is always elusive.

Take a moment to examine the way you have chosen.  Ask God if it is the Way for you.