Cold And Lifeless Heart

23/09/2016 09:57

Friend, many in the world today have a cold and lifeless heart from God's Perspective.

They have given over their heart to the world and it fulfills them.

They are caught up in daily rituals of commerce, entertainment and play.

They are seeking great riches, ready to throw even their dearest friend under the bus in order to climb one rung higher to get what their cold and lifeless heart desires.

We see it plainly displayed in reality shows that depict the worst of human nature; destroying another's reutation for personal gain. Villains and tempters get more air time; therefore are more "in demand" in the television personality industry of these times.

These shows are an example of what the world in general holds in high esteem. They entice the cold and lifeless heart to pursue the riches of the world.

But, God asks us to look to Him and His Majesty and Glory for our fulfillment.

Growing daily on a spiritual journey with Him will bring us much Peace, prove to us that we are Loved, Forgiven, and that we can be filled with Joy and Truth.

God has everything we need.

He knows what each of us need.

He sees us as individuals and is interested in and concerned for our wholeness.

Look to Him today to be the uplifter of your soul and spirit, setting aside the ways of the world.

He offers a warm and loving Heart, and brings Joy to the soul and Peace and Truth for the spirit.