Cold & Hardened Hearts

12/08/2015 09:45

Friend, many are the souls who have a cold and hardened heart against believing in a God they cannot fathom would allow their circumstances.

They look around and see that others have more than them.  Life is not fair.  They do not see their own state - cold and hardened.

How could they "see" God in this state?

They cannot.

It is by the hearing and seeing of the Word that they could become believers. And it is by the looking around at the world and seeing the absolute majesty and the underpinnings of it  that a heart is softened to begin to acknowledge a Supreme Being of Purity and Love.

How then will they find God?

God has written in the Holy Bible that the believers must be the salt or seasoning of the earth. We are the ones who must grow and learn and share when needed what God has taught us.

It cannot be foisted upon them, but we don't have to hide our belief under a rock either.  We are to be like lamps along the dark road, shining Light for them to find the Way.

Rarely would one of us ever be there for the whole journey.  But, like teachers from our youth we need to be that one who encouraged, who enlightened, who accepted, and guided us to the right path in life.

Bless you friend, as you go forth to be a light for the Father, and our Lord Jesus Christ.