Cold-Hearted Mind

30/11/2015 21:02

Friend, living cold-hearted is living against God - and we know it when we are being this way.

Anger and resentment and revenge are the order of the day when we are in this frame of mind.

We just won't accept that such a thing has happened to us and we rant against God and accuse Him of unfairness.

This is a form of pride also.

And God resists the proud.

Friend, the person who blames God and doesn't see the Goodness behind His actions is like the child who strains against his parents when they are truly loving him and looking out for his best interests. But the child just wants what he wants with no thought to the repercussions for his actions.

Maybe the pot on the stove the child wants to get to is full of boiling water!

It's like this with God. He's the Father who restrains and disciplines and chastens us through His Knowledge of what lies ahead on the path we have gone down. He doesn't want us to be hurt or to grow cold-hearted and full of our own self - prideful.

A prideful heart will not listen. Pride is all ego. It believes it is the great " me, my, and I" of all time.  

Even when we are not believers, He works in this way, because He is our Creator and He has given us this time to know Him. If He does not constantly try to show us His Goodness, our pride-blinded eyes will never see Him.

No, when we stand at the Judgement, we will see and know that He did everything He could to save us.

Today is the day to think about these things. A cold and hardened heart. A revengeful mind. An angry spirit and a lifeless soul.

God knows every thought you have ever had. He's seen everything you do - nothing is hidden from Him. About now is the time to turn to Him and look to Heaven for Forgiveness and repent of your old ways and begin the new journey of faith in Him and His Mercy.