Come As You Are

17/03/2015 08:44

Friend, if you haven't started out on your spiritual journey to know God, now is the time.

He says, "Come now, as you are."  People mistakenly think they have to "clean up their act" for God to accept them.  Nothing could be further from the Truth!  Come as you are!

You do not have to be sinless.  He knows everything about you and will accept you as you are, now.

The journey will involve Him leading you into Truth.

When you find out the Truths that He teaches, you will be able to see the true depth of your sins and He will provide knowledge and wisdom and living water that will help you to overcome; with His help; in His timing; and in the order He knows is best for you, the sins that beset your soul and keep it from being free and receiving His Joy.

His motive is to have a close personal relationship with you in Love.  First you start out as a baby believer.  All you know is that you believe in Jesus and that He loves you.  There will be volumes of unknown power surrounding you that you cannot understand but He will reveal these things to you as you walk the walk of faith with Him.

Soon, according to the way in which you respond to Him, you find yourself walking in a freedom that you didn't know existed.  You understand things more clearly in the world and about Heaven and God.  It happens by osmosis.  You're growing in faith in ever increasing ways.

Be faithful and follow Him.  Read about Him in the Bible.  Find out what He has to say to you In it.  Listen to Christian music when you can and be uplifted and encouraged in your soul.

As the days and years go by you become a mature Christian, one who can be used to do good for Him. Maybe your calling is to be the best parent and raise Godly children, maybe it's something in the world He has planned for you.  Everyone's calling is different, except for one thing - we should all share our faith and why we believe when we have the spiritual tools of wisdom and knowledge.

Pointing someone to this site would be an easy way for you to speak about your faith.  The Lord is calling everyone to Him at all times, to "Come as you are."