Confidence in God

20/09/2016 22:42

Friend, God requires that we have confidence in Him and His Abiilities.

He is for us, and will go before us to fight our battles, when we release the reins on the problems that beset us.

We of course always have free will and can choose at any time to take a different path or not agree with Him in His Choices for us; to our detriment.

When we examine the outcomes for past choices and the intents of our heart we will find that when things didn't go "right" in our own eyes, it was we who didn't stay the course with God and we who allowed evil in.

God will not stop this, if it is our choice.

This is why faith is so important. We must live by faith and not by sight.

We must be willing to live in His Will, trusting that it is for our best life and knowing that when trials come, He will strengthen and grow us spiritually as we walk in faith with Him through the trial.

The world offers us lovely pictures and conjures up old memories of past scenarios that entice us into thinking we can take a different path; one that looks promising but in reality is just a facade that covers a poisonous snake-filled pit into which we will fall..

Look back, that one drink led to many, right?

That one drug led to others, right?

That one sexual perversion led to more, right?

On and on it goes in the sin-filled world.

It's our choice all along life's highway. A faith-filled life or a self-filled life.

Both can be difficult because we have already spent many years living for self which caused many consequences that may or may not have shown up yet.

Putting a stop to the sins now will cause the consequences that would have come up for future sins to be eliminated. 'Nip them in the bud right now. Be severe and give them to God. Freely offer up as a sacrifice to Him all your evil intents.

Begin to clear your heart and mind of your own negativity and sin. Don't worry about others, let Holy Spirit convict other souls just as He now convicts you.

God has confidence in you because his son's Sacrifice paid the price for your sins to be forgiven.

He wants you to have confidence in Jesus that His Sacrifice is sufficent for you to have Forgveness and Grace and Mercy for each day.