16/08/2015 08:55

Friend, has your heart been convicted yet?

How long will it take?

God is seeking believers in Him.  Time is flowing by, He reminds us all daily! 

If you are a parent, and you are an unbeliever in Godly things - do you think it is right to teach your children that there is no hope for them for a joyful existence after death? That they don't have the help of the Holy Spirit who they can call on to help them even when those they love are not there to help them in times of trouble and need?

As a parent you will be held responsible for the choices your child makes when you encourage them to join in the generational sins and curses that your family has believed in for centuries.

It is now that you must make the change to break this thinking that has pervaded your family tree.

You be the one who God uses to usher your family line into a relationship with Him.

If you have read this far it means that your soul is seeking and trying to guide you to a new beginning.

I pray you will be open to the idea that there is a Holy God who loves you and all your family far and wide and who has a desire for you to love Him and begin a personal relationship with Him, so that He can help you to move forward and finally break the yoke of bondage that you have been born into, and to help others to see the Light that is Almighty God.

God wants you to say that satan can no longer have dominion over you and that you relinquish yourself to Him instead.  Ask for and accept Forgiveness - His Son died for your sin, and if you accept this as a fact; that God did send His Beloved to die for you and that He rose to be with the Father to draw sinners to Him - you will be saved.