Cut Some Ties

23/06/2015 08:37

Friend, are you dogged by anger and hate towards others?  Do you see all their faults? 

The world today is full of "personal judgements" towards others.  Television shows, especially the reality type are based on showing up "other people's" flaws while supposed friends plot to "change" them.

God asks us to direct those thoughts towards ourselves.  Look inward He says and open your heart and mind to examine your own heart and the thoughts and intents of your soul and spirit.

We carry so many burdens with us through life and it is good to stop and examine each section of our life.  We have our work life, our family life, our personal inner life, our worldly life.  Each of these has levels that need to be looked at closely also.

Where we find anger and hate and untruth we should decide to cut the ties to these and let go and let God decide the fate of those particular ties that we have decided to let loose into the ether.

Cultivate calmness and peace and Godly love in those places where you have cut off the tie that bound you to the hate, anger, bitterness and untruths.

Make this a daily practise and if necessary, practise throughout the day and give it to God in prayer so that the evil demons who hold the ties that bind you will know that you are bound and determined to let go of those evil ties that have squeezed you dry for some time, even to the point of causing mental and physical distress.

Do not return to those thoughts and feelings.  Recognize the new way in which they are presented to you by evil and deny them a place in your heart and mind.

Be the child of God that He desires and follow the Path to Eternal Life!