Dangerous States Of Mind

29/09/2015 09:32

Friend, there are states of mind that are very dangerous for us to participate in, and we must be sure to turn from them quickly when the Spirit prompts us.

It is our duty to learn to hear the Spirit through the reading of God's Word, and writing it on our heart and mind.

It is so easy for us to enter into some form of sin either in thought or deed and talk ouselves into tolerance of the sin. Soon we expand the boundaries of that tolerance and we find ourselves deep in the murky and muddy mire of the sin.

We do ourselves a disservice when we allow this type of behaviour because we are only making it harder for the flesh to let go of the sin.  We become "addicted" to whatever it is; swearing, lust, gorging on bad foods, racist thinking, etc.  All the sins that hurt our Lord's heart and that in the end can destroy us - our flesh and spirit.

We should read His Word and find that He is all Truth and Love and would not condone any of the sins we have allowed our mind and body to partake in. Our progress in the spiritual life with our Saviour is marred when we continue allowing the sin that besets us, to continue.

In fact, we hurt His Heart and become a problem child that cannot be trusted. Loved, yes, but still may not make it to Heaven because we have not acknowledged the Holy Spirit who works day and night with us to overcome.

This type of soul is depending on God's Love alone to get into Heaven, and once there will continue to live in sin because that is trully their choice.  But, God will not allow sin in Heaven. A sinful soul is untrustworthy.

Friend, if this is you; do not let evil rob you of your place in Heaven. Be strong and bring your soul into alignment with the Word of God - Jesus who died for you to be forgiven when you repent of your sinful ways.

John 15:10 If you keep My Commands, you will live in My Love.