Dare To Trust

11/08/2015 11:40

Friend, the Lord Jesus asks us to be daring, and have big faith, in Him.

We are not restricted in how much faith we can have.  We set our own limits and we also let our faith grow cold.

We don't keep it alive and full to our detriment.  This is when satan and his army of demonic spirits gain access to our mind, and we allow the Truth to grow dim.

But at any time we can become reinvigorated and renew our faith and; begin to grow again in knowledge and power to overcome the sin we let back in to our lives.

The Lord has called us to Him and He will again sustain us as we place our soul and spirit in His faithful hands.

He loves us and is waiting to forgive when we turn to Him and repent.

Trust Him and know that He cares for you - more than any human ever will.