06/08/2016 13:25

Friend, the world does not have the answers our souls are looking for.

We get deceived by the world through the workings of the devil and his demon army.

They are very good at what they do because most of us are not aware of being deceived.

We are bombarded with so many worldly experiences that lead us down the wrong paths, into dangerous waters and rooms that lock shut on us.

We become addicted to stuff, we lie and cheat and steal, we deceive those we love, even kill.

God has placed in us a remembrance of Him. We all have the ability to recognize Truth, Love, and Goodness.

For some, the scales must begin to fall from the eyes and the ears must be unstopped-up in order to hear and see the Truth, but God gives to all who seek Him.

Before beginning a new endeavour, a job, a career, stop and ask Him if it is within His Will for you.

Are you on the right Path? Is He in the equation of your new plan, or is He far removed; are you relying on yourself and other humans to show you the way?

At every new intersection in our lives we have One Way (Holy) plus many ways (all evil) to choose to follow and God will help us to find the correct one for us if we seek His input.

Always talk to God first.