Deeper Than The Shifting Sands

11/01/2015 17:00

Is your soul and spirit feeling dry, and no life forces seem to be present?

Friend, our souls have a depth that is deeper than the shifting sands that move across it on the surface.

Those sands of everyday life happenings are to be navigated and battles with the wind and stinging sands are to be won as we go deeper into the depths of the soul, - the interior of the soul that is filled with treasures from Heaven.

God's Wisdom and Love and Peace and all the aspects of His character can be uncovered there.  A fortress can be built to keep the sands from imploding and wiping out your soul. 

Jesus is in there and wants you to come to know Him as He reveals beauty and life to you.  He wants to show you how to live victoriously in Him so that you are filled with Joy knowing you have a Saviour and King who loves you.

At the depths you will find living water for your thirst, delicous food for your hunger and light for the way.  He will give you armour to wear so the battles you must face, you will win.

Go deeper into a relationship with Jesus and tap the life-giving wells of His Knowledge.

Bless you friend!