Demons Must Go

15/06/2016 12:23

Friend, when Jesus walked the earth with His disciples, He cast out demons from people.

It is important to realize that demons must go from our minds and heart and body.

When we believe in Jesus and have accepted Him as our Lord; if we speak to the demons according to the Will of God, they must leave.

This is a powerful maxim to embrace.

Demons must leave!

So, friend, pray to God for the strength to withstand the backlash from the demonic world when you get ready to demand in Jesus's Name; for the demons to leave you or someone you love.

He will give you the Victory!

Begin to fill your mind with the new Truth of Who God Is.

Demons cannot stand against it; Truth!

They are aware of the Father, Son and Holy Spirit and they tremble when believers pray for Godly Strength, Knowlledge and Truth!

They have seen God give believers these Gifts.

So, use these Gifts, my friend!

When you ask anything in Jesus's Name, according to the Will of God, you will receive.

All you have to think about is whether Holy God approves of what you are asking for.

If it is selfish, or materialistic or revengeful, don't ask for it.

If it will glorify God, or help the Kingdom, or aid you to be a better believer, or reach another soul, make your request be known to God.

Perhaps you need help to shed some of the layers of dross that you have accumulated from a lifetime of unbelief; God will give you that help - just ask.

He is the Upholder of the Righteous Saints who believe in the Lord God Almighty, Most Powerful and Beautiful, full of Truth and Knowledge of all things, Jesus the Sacrificial Lamb of God the Father.

Be blessed my friend!