Depths Of The Soul

15/08/2016 20:35

Friend, the Lord plumbs deep into the depths of our souls.

He knows everything about each one of us.

We must give to Him the reins of our lives and He will make a new thing, cause changes to occur for our good, and help our minds establish a firm foundation.

Because, He can make a Way where there seems to be no way out of the mess, the trials, the pain and sorrow.

He is Lord, the King of all kings, Almighty God.

There is no other who can help us.

There is one who can hurt us; who says he will help us, but we have all met him, and know he is a liar.

Friend, hand the reins over to Jesus and anchor your soul into the Holy Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Allow Jesus to direct and guide your feet upon a new path.

He will renew your thinking, give you a new Hope, place Joy in your heart and bring you into the Light.

There is much to be learned so let the Victor start right now making a Way for you!

He needs your permission.