Difficulties Of Life

18/10/2015 10:10

Friend, despite the difficulties of life (poverty, illness, disability, abuse, war, hatred, racism, and lack of basic human needs) God will make a Way for you to be restored and to have a righteous balance in your mind, body and spirit if you acknowledge Him.

Many of us living in unbearable conditions cannot believe that a Good God exists so we turn to the one who will reward us openly if we embrace evil ways. 

Some cannot believe that Almighty God is interested in our problems so we just mull about without Him in our lives, hoping at the end He will allow us into heaven because we lived a "good" life and did not bother Him with our problems.

Others are just stubborn and deny Him because they see those who believe as weak and silly and cannot imagine themselves praying, going to church, believing in fairytale stuff.

It is a big leap of faith to believe when the schools have been teaching that God does not exist and "prove" to the students through science that man has the upper hand and is all knowing in these matters.

Religion is frowned upon by the majority it seems and so better to stay in the big pool and hope for the best!

But friend, when you come to know Jesus, you begin to realize that He is Almighty in every way. He has all the Power. He is Good and full of Truth and Wisdom, and He is able to heal and restore hearts, minds and bodies.

Decide to-day that you want that balance. Today you can begin to have it. He will make a Way for you to have what is in His Will for you. He designed you. He has a Plan for you. He has a Home for you in Heaven. It is His Will that matters.

Get in it!

This is such an important day for you if you are in lack in any way, of anything necessary for you to live.

Let Him be the One who chooses where to start with you. Let Him, who has watched and hoped for you to turn to Him and who has had his Holy angels and Holy Spirit bring you to this point, begin to restore you.

Just let Him know you believe in Him. Tell the Father that you agree that He sent His Son to die for your sins.

Let the years of neglect of His Presence fall from you like a watershed of grime and mud flowing away in the Holy Water of His Love and Light that cleanses and renews.

This requires humbleness and repentance from your old ways. High and mighty thinking that sets itself above God is to be left by the wayside like old clothes that are just too dirty to wear anymore.

Bask in the Light and Truth and Peace of His Unconditional Love. He has made it possible for you to be victorious over all your issues and problems, and if you sincerely repent of old ways and begin out on the new path of belief and faith in Him, and His Power to restore, you can be assured God will restore balance and harmony in your life according to His Knowledge of where and when your needs are met.

God bless you!