Discipline Your Mind

05/04/2016 19:50

Friend, it's important to discipline the mind so that the thoughts are brought under subjection to the Will of God.

Certain ways of thinking that would not please God must be eliminated and for it to "stick' it's best we discipline ourselves. The Holy Spirit and Jesus are there to help us and we will be able to do it with them, but they will not take the thoughts away because it is best for us to overcome with their help.

This goes for all things; food, cigarette, alcohol, drug addictions and bad actions like anger, revenge, pride and boasting, selfishness, other belief systems and so on.

Walking just a minute at a time following Jesus and having the attitude of the Saviour, remembering how He went to the Cross sinless, but thinking of us, how He loves us and wants us to be children of the Kingdom of God.

Prayer or "communication" with our Lord will help as will practising turning deep within to God and meditation on who He is.

The goal should be that we form new habits; Godly ones, those pleasing to Him.

As we clean up our lives we need to fill those empty spaces with Love, praise, worship and the Word (Bible study).

Having "new words,"  Scripture Verses to use instead of our old filthy, demeaning, angry words is the Way to successful renewing of our mind, body and spirit.

It is not hard to do when you have the Son of God helping you! ( The Word of God = The Son of God.)