14/02/2015 06:02

Friend, when we choose the Lord, we have chosen what the Bible calls the "good part."

Stay the course of the "good part".  Accept discipline and use it to quell and do away with the "sinful parts."

The Grace of our Lord will see us through when we apply discipline to our heart, mind and body according to the Will of God for us.

It is a hard task and for some very hard to master because they have gone down the path of sin very far.  The flesh has puffed itself up with sin and allowed sin to make a very comfy home in your body. 

But, call it what it is. Sin.  It is against God.  It will get you nowhere spiritually.  It seeks to destroy every good thing you could have.  Sin loves itself and always wants more.  If it destroys your body and mind it does not care.  That is the nature of sin.  It does not love you.  It has been able to slyly make you  love it. Something it does not deserve!

But there is a Way out.  You are spirit and soul and you have a choice. 

Discipline is a tool you can use and with the help of Jesus,  your spirit will prevail over the sinful demons who will be forced to flee when you pray and get strong in your Christian walk.