Do You Think You Are Not Worthy?

24/03/2015 11:09

Friend, do you, or do you know someone who thinks they are not worthy to be saved by Jesus?

Is the sin so deep and so major that it has taken over the soul so completely that the whole life is filled with anger, violence, murder, and every vile thing known only to God?

The scene above at Calvary reveals two souls who were crucified at the same time as Jesus.

Both souls had the chance to redeem themselves and be saved.

Only one chose to do so and he has been free in Paradise with Jesus since he died. 

This sinner who recognized his life and deeds were sinful, and who recognized that Jesus had done nothing sinful and was being crucified for no criminal offence yet was not resisting or blaming others, quickly ascertained that He was Lord Jesus, the One who he had heard about - the One who helped people and spoke of a Kingdom of God.

This man feared for his soul and simply asked Jesus to remember Him when He got to Paradise, not thinking he had the right to be in Paradise.

But, Jesus whose Law is Perfect and above man's laws told him " Today you will be with Me in Paradise."

Why?  What was the deciding factor that in a split second and after a few words on his part, God in the form of our Lord Jesus, granted the criminal entry into Heaven for eternal life?

It is so simple, and is still a Law of God that will never be made redundant. (God's Law stands forever - it does not change - because He does not make mistakes.)

Belief that Jesus is God's Son.  He has the keys to Heaven and hell.  This is why!

This criminal understood and believed that Jesus was who He said He was, and that and the fact that he recognized he was a sinner criminal - gave him entry into heaven.

So repentance or recognition of your sins to God and belief that Jesus is Son of God is the basis of every born again experience.

If you say you have no sin - God cannot help you, for He knows every sin of yours.

If you cannot believe that God the Father sent His Son Jesus as the Perfect Lamb Sacrifice for your sins, you cannot have eternal life.

Satan is not going to have the power he has now, for ever.  The one you follow (satan) and who gives you all the things you love, who fills you with anger, hate and revenge only has so much time before Jesus will come back to take him prisoner. 

And all those who follow him will gnash their teeth and cry out but no mercy will be available for them.

Now is the accepted time to admit to God that you are a sinner and repent of your ways, and to believe that God made a Way for you to be reconciled to Him through the Blood shed at Calvary of His Precious Son - Jesus.

Those two things will make you worthy to God.  That is all He requires and His Love will pour out on you.  All the resources of Heaven will be opened to you.

This life is a hard and dangerous one and many are the pitfalls along the way.  Many are the turnabouts we should do when we have wandered down the wrong path, strayed off the narrow road to Victory!

Friend, set about making yourself worthy.  Be like the criminal on the cross who saw his own faults and admitted them - and received Salvation right before he gave up the ghost. What beauty he envisioned immediately after his death.  Peace and Love were his. In an instant he was made worthy!

The other man, not so much.