Do you Yearn to be a Prodigal?

19/07/2014 14:02

Do you yearn to be a prodigal son?

This life is hard and we go our way and make choices that we think will benefit us in some way, yet the end result is not what we thought it would be.

Many books are written on how to achieve whatever we set our minds to do and we try and try these methods, yet we seem to be at a stand still.

At any age we can choose to change direction, change our thoughts, change our actions and reactions, change our pattern of choices. But change them for what? We need to be sure that change will bring us something of value and not be just another failed attempt at getting what we want out of life.

Jesus gave us the parable of the prodigal son so we could see that He is the Father waiting for us to give up all our wallowing around in the pig's mire and realize that our Father has everything we need at home in His Kingdom and we are welcome to come in our smelly rags. 

He will bring out a beautiful robe to place around our rags, give us a valuable ring to show others that he values and trusts us, and spring for a fancy banquet in our honour when we return to Him. ( All this happens in the heavenlies/spiritually - it uplifts your soul and spirit.)

At home with Him we find Love and Peace.

Will something be required of us? Yes, laziness is not Godly.  He has work for us and it is fulfilling! It is glorious and freeing and suited to your level of faith.

Will you make mistakes?  More than likely - but He is a great Teacher and Kind and Compassionate.

He is waiting for all His prodigal sons and daughters with outstretched arms and a big hug and Holy kiss.

Be brave and make that leap of faith. Be a prodigal child!