Don't Struggle Against God

05/04/2016 13:33

Friend, be truthful!

Are you struggling against God?

This is fear of change.

Why fear the one who knows everything about you, anyway?

Think about that for a moment.

There is nothing He has not seen or heard, even your thoughts are laid bare before Him.

Yet, He still allowed His Son to die so you could be called an adopted child of His.

His Son, a Pure and Holy Son, was sent to the slaughter for your sins, not His. God does not sin. No, Jesus paid the price for your sins.

What is there to fear?

Oh, your life might change!

Maybe you will change and He will keep you in the same circumstances so He can reach others through you.

Who knows, maybe everything will change.

But, wouldn't He be Trustworthy to have all your good as His intent?

Yes, He would!

It's simple, give up the struggle against Him, this very moment.

Be the clay and allow Him to mold you into His Son's likeness.