Ego - Personal Pride

23/06/2019 21:30

Friend, many of us value our personal pride in who we are, what we do and say, and what we know.

How's that working out?

It's that ego that every human has - a gift from evil forces.

Have you found that there are many times when your pride is bruised or downright smashed?

Do you allow despair to overtake you in these times?

Well, that is what satan wants for you.

But, friend, God wants to show you the Way through pride to humbleness and the value of being humble spirited.

The humble soul is the one He can exalt to higher ground. It is the soul that will listen to Him, follow Him, knowing his Might and Power is used for Holy perfection of whatever lies ahead in this world fraught with dangers and traps set by evil.

From the lowly heart, God can extract beauty. From the ashes of a life wasted, God can bring forth beautiful perfumed flowers.

In short, He can make Beauty from the ashes of a life in ruins.

Do you not want this?

Who wouldn't?

Why go it alone fighting every spirit, every Heavenly help, tossing aside God's Help sent in Love and Peace to walk the path alone, not knowing what may happen, but always getting pushed down, thwarted; when He knows the Way for you to have a full happy spirit in this life, and how to be welcomed home in Heaven?

Today we should set aside the ego and look to Him; His Perfection, His Holiness, His Power, His Truth, His Provision, His Love.

The pride of man is abhorrent to God. It exalts itself above Him. 

The pride-filled heart is bent on "self." There is no room for God, to see Him or hear Him, certainly not to be guided by Him.

He sees the foolishness of it and is saddened by our sad state. But it's one He allows as it falls under His Free Will Gift to humans.

But He also made a Way out of pride for us, and He asks us to look at the Cross, and consider the sacrifice of His Son for us, even though we are set against Him, and do not have full understanding of what Jesus did for us.

Friend, wouldn't God's Gifts and Promises be amazingly great and wonderful for us? 

Is He not obligated as God, to give His people; adopted sons and daughters - grafted by the Blood of His Son into kinship with Jesus, all the privileges of the Kingdom of  Almighty God who created all things?

Really consider this fact. You either are or can be adopted into the Kingdom of God to receive all the benefits that a son or daughter would have as an adoptee. 

But, a pride in your own thinking, your own accomplishments, a pride in your physical abilities a pride in your own physical attributes; any pride that is not governed, surrendered and corrected by the Spirit will never mean anything to God because whatever you have or have done in any way that is cause for pride in you, has been either given or allowed by Him!

He will show you what healthy pride is.