Elijah the Prophet of Almighty God

08/08/2014 10:21

In First Kings in the Old Testament Chapter 18:21b,c  Elijah addresses the people in the following way....

"How long will you go limping with two different opinions?  If the Lord is God, follow Him."

For Elijah it was simple. He had already chosen God and found Him to be Good.  He had a heart for his people and wanted them to understand that they must choose between God and the things of the world.

Elijah knew that the path of God was the more fulfilling but the people's daily needs dictated their choices - so they followed the path of scrambling for enough money to eat and clothe themselves and live under shelter.

The Word of God (Jesus) tells us that the question is not "Will you serve?" but "Whom shall you serve."

If we do not choose Jesus then we automatically have chosen to serve the world which is evil.

There are ideas and opinions abounding in the world but the Bible has a purity which shows there is a Strong and Mighty God who is awesome in Power and who creates by thinking something into being.  It is His Law of all that is which underpins everything we can imagine.

Not a hair falls from a baby's head or a feather from a sparrow or a speck of sand moves that He is not aware of and has given permission to move.

We live in the world that He allows and His Will, will prevail.  Evil may have it's day and gather many to it's army but when the Lord God sounds the trumpets, evil will only be able to react and fall.  It will not win.

God will win.  He is the winner.  He is in control.  We are just using up our alloted time.  He says redeem the time we have left.

Truth is Truth, and He is the Source of ALL Knowledge and Understanding.

He welcomes you.  Receive Him.

Bless you