Emotional Healing

02/07/2019 07:46

Friend, there is healing to be had from our Lord Jesus.

Our emotional journey is important to Him as is our whole life experience.

This world, this body, this life causes us to have emotional scars.

It is a good thing.

It means you are alive; you are experiencing things, you're interacting with other people, you're making choices.

Life is a Great Gift even if you are experiencing abuse or shame and neglect.

Even if you're the one abusing yourself or others.

Everyday we hear of the bad things that happen; but there are also testimonies of people overcoming, rising above, shedding bad "juju."

Every life is precious.

God, in allowing us all the experiences we undergo is always drawing us to Him. He would rather that mother would not use and abuse her husband; the husband of another abuse and denigrate his wife; the pedophiles would not use children and on and on but we without Him fall into experiences that have demons attached to them which are out to destroy our souls and kill the body.

Friend, we should always call out to Him when we need what only He can supply.

Never give up on God but do give up on following evil ways.

Submit yourself to God and He will direct your paths.

Try that!

God is not a liar. 

He will walk with you and guide you onto the path of Righteousness. He will help you in the darkness to see the Light. He is the One Who can help you overcome every demon.

He is your only True Helper. 

He owns Peace and Love. 

He knows from examining your heart and mind, what you need to do first. 

We do not.

We think this or that is the way to get out of a mess we got ourselves into, but God sees all the players in the mess, and knows how to get each one to capitulate and allow us to move forward with Him. He is capable of sustaining every soul on earth at the exact same time. 

He is CAPABLE! He owns all the Power. 

Accept this powerful Being and know that He is Just and is Truth-filled. 

He is not the one who lies to us. 

He always tells the truth according to His Law, yet He is Ultimate Love. 

His qualities are full of Perfection. 

He is Faultless in everything He says and does.

He is Trustworthy. Trust Him.

Because our minds are always alert; always gathering and storing information; constantly reviewing what we have said and done, as well as what others have said and done to us, we are often drawn into the darkness and find it difficult to see the Light.

But, God is able to untangle all the madness we have accumulated in our brains that manifest in illnesses in our body and mind, and heal us when we listen to Him, read His Word as He guides our understanding, and soften the hard places in our psyches that are crying out from unhealthy living choices for help.