Evil Abounds

21/09/2015 10:10

Friend, we all know that evil abounds in this world. Even evil people know it - there is always someone more evil than themselves.

The media highlights evil every night on our nightly news. We see the carnage left by evil deeds.

But, God asks us to give no thought to fear when it comes to evil doings.  He is aware of all their works, and He will deal with them. He knows the condition of their hearts.

We are set apart when we receive Salvation from Him. He will make a way for us when evil strikes at our door. He asks us to be vigilant but not fearful of evil.

When we know we have a Mighty God who is for us then we can know that evil will try to attack us but when we look to Jesus for our safety and care, He will oblige and cause all things to come together for good according to His Will.

If something befalls us, we can know that He has allowed this happening, and He has made a way out for us.

Stronger faith and a deeper connection with Him will bring results we never could have dreamed of. The freedom we find in Him during the storms of life is amazing and something to be desired and sought after through belief in the Father, Son and Holy Spirit.

Do not doubt. He is for you! He will make a Way where there seems to be no way.

Read the Word of God and when prompted by the Spirit, be obedient and you will see that you have a Friend above all others, working day and night for you to bring about a new and fresh life of joy and peace within.

God loves you, friend!

Trust Him.