Examine Yourself

23/06/2015 09:06

Friend, is the evil one dancing with delight at your expense?

Are you the soul who is easily led into the clutches of evil?

Have you found a home with evil? Many do. Millions of souls have walked through the "door" to hell and now reside in complete terror - surrendered to evil thinking, evil intent to others - even while alive.

Their souls no longer their own they think.  But God, has made a Way for them to return to Him. 

There is no neutral ground. Not having chosen Jesus as Saviour, relegates a soul to the clutches of satan. Living for self is the first level in the evil world.  This level allows the soul to be deceived into thinking it is in charge of itself and it has not done anything sinful to keep it from going to Heaven.

Satan is happy for that soul to stay there and resist  his efforts to further drag it down into a deep relationship with him.  Slowly and surely he will though unless the soul stops and examines itself.

God allows satan to do his work and in those trials we have the God given right to say "No, no more!"

We can decide that we no longer want to be on that path leading to our doom.

If you recognize this is happening to you and you no longer want to be caught for evil purposes, then repent of your past choices and tell God you now see Him as Holy and you want to get to know Him and be placed on the Path of Righteousness.

The Father sent His Son, Jesus to die for your sins, to make a Way where you can be reunited with the Father and have a Friend for this life and the Life to come.  Now is the time to believe.  Jesus loves you, He went to the cross for you.  Your past can be forgiven.  His Blood was shed as a Sacrifice for you.  He was whipped for your transgressions and punished for your sins. A sinless man was sorely punished for you to have Life Eternal.  It is the Gift of all gifts.  Such Love for one so undeserving, don't you think?

The Father had to look away when His Son was on the Cross.  But there was Joy Everlasting in Heaven when the Son rose to Heaven and the Father's Will and Law was complete.

Sinners had a Way. Satan had been outsmarted. Sinners had a choice. Gentiles had a Way. Joy, Joy, Joy!