Expect And Rejoice

03/03/2016 10:01

Friend, today is a new day. Let's expect to be surrounded by God's Love and Personal Care of us.

Let's allow the small miracles of the day to happen. Let's not put up a barrier that will deter Him.

What would that barrier be?

It's lack of faith in Him and what He has done and is going to do for us.

Just believe! It is a prerequisite to receiving all the Good that He has in store for us. 

Put aside all your own expectations and decide to receive all He has for you.

Friend, it is the better Plan and Way for you.

The Lord Jesus knows how to proceed and what to do so that you will be placed to receive all He has for you.

When we step in with our own ideas and desire something that He is willing to give us (In His Will) we change what He has planned for us and His Way gets delayed as we forge ahead with our own desires being paramount.

Perhaps He wants to eliminate something from our lives that He knows will not amount to much, or will cause us harm down the road we have chosen. Don't cling on to that.

Wouldn't it be wise to allow Him to lead us out of the mirey clay we are in, to solid ground and a new Path that will fulfill us even more than the worldly path we chose?

He led the Israelites out of Egypt and parted the Red Sea for them and still many complained.

Don't be that complainer. Stop and look inward to see His Provision for you.

Rejoice that He has a Way planned for you and decide today to step onto that Path. Here you will find fulfillment beyond what you knew you could have.

We're not all called to high and lofty positions in the world but we are all called to Eternal Life and the Lord wants us all to be highly qualified so that we can help others along the Way when He places us in their lives, if even for just a minute.

Never again think of what ugliness might befall you but think of His Grace and Mercy which are yours new every morning and all throughout the day.

Stay under the Protection of the King and His army of Holy Angles who await His Command to keep you from harm.

Expect Goodness from Jesus and rejoice in it, friend!