Expect Storms

25/08/2015 11:52

Friend, as believers in Jesus, we know that we will walk through storms.

God's Word tells us to expect storms. But He also tells us that He is there in the midst of the storm, and when we focus on Him, and allow Him to be the controller of the outcome, having patience with the process, He will accomplish His Will which is what we should be praying for.

Because He is a Good God, and He loves us, we can be fully committed to the process because He will be working things out for our good, and His Purpose, in both our life and the life of the others in the storm.

Rest in the knowledge that the trial will end when His will is accomplished.  It should not matter how long it takes.  He is working with other parties also and they may not be relinquishing their will to Him - this is what takes time when we know that we are in agreement with Him.

Don't worry or fear as He has it all worked out.  Picture yourself in a beautiful garden surrounded by fragrant flowers and colours with all your favourite animals scampering about in harmony with each other and you in the midst. 

This is your soul's secret garden to run to when the storms are upon you. Worship the Lord there.  He will come and meet you to fill you with spiritual food and water and to talk and advise you, hold your hand, and hug you to Him.

Stay close to Him and He will keep you safe in the storm.