Eyes To See - Ears To Hear

28/11/2014 11:30

Friend, we have been given eyes to see spiritual things and ears to hear of spiritual things but many of us have lost the ability.  Evil has encroached these realms and we have been lulled into unbelief.

But, God is ready right now to open our eyes and ears to the knowledge of Him and His doings.

Are you willing for Him to remove the scales from your eyes and open your ears for hearing?

Many are not, they prefer the surface view of things and readily accept the false things that evil broadcasts to us.

God, says we can look deeper and that we should look deeper.  When we have a seeker's heart we will find the Truth.

This requires some maturity and the willingness to accept by faith the real Truth.

You will find God at work in every situation and see that He desires good but that evil is also at work there and it's desire is evil that will destroy you.

Know that God is for you and is at work on your behalf and you can connect to that at any moment in time you wish.  But, my friend, be genuine and have a humble heart of repentance for the past mistakes you have chosen to make.