Faith Is Everything

29/07/2016 07:04

Friend, we must never lose our faith in God!

The evil world loves to enter the chamber in our hearts where we store our faith and rob us in little increments, taking those increments of faith to it's own storehouses and depositing it into the boxes marked "others, "things", "riches", "fame" and so on.

If we allow this thieving then, there comes a time down the track when we are fully embedded into faith in all things other than God.

Our Godly faith tank is empty and isn't evil delirious with power!

Now it can go off on a tangent and get us stuck into all kinds of sticky and nasty situations!

But, with our faith tank full and overflowing, we will have the strength, power and courage to withstand and boldly come against the constant onslaught to overthrow and rob us of our God given rightful place.

That of a child of God with all the rights of a legally adopted son or daughter.

We have an inheritance and we should never allow it to be taken from us.

This short life is but a paragraph in the book of our full life in the times to come after our physical death on this earth.

Make your goal for this life, to step from this body into the Presence of Jesus and hear Him say, "Well done, good and faithful servant."