28/04/2020 17:13

Hebrews 11:1

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.”

King James Version (KJV)

Friend, once we have given over our will to the Will of Him Who died for us; to save us from eternal death, the only thing we need to do is remain faithful to Him.

In doing so, we will love Him above all others.

We will have no desire or wish to look elsewhere for anything we need.

We will believe that He will supply all our needs.

Some people think that they will not work and just sit around waiting for all the good things to come their way.

So, God must work to get you your sustenance, but you do nothing at all for God?

Come on!

Don't test God in this way.

Will He deliver something to you in your direst need?


He is the One Who decides our direst need; and what to give us because He is Law, and never breaks His Own Law; therefore how He gives is up to Him.

He knows us. He knows the soul and spirit within us. He knows the sin in our lives. He hears our thoughts. He knows our feelings.

Therefore within His Will, He will act to bring into our lives the answers designed by Him, for our situation and for those we interact with and for those all around us; all according to His Will and Law; something none of us could do because even though we think we know all things, we do not and He does!

This life is fraught with evil and most people are walking in evil ways even when they do not consciously know it.

Not to mention those who openly choose or cunningly hide their choices for evil in order to trap the unwary, the naive and the innocent.

God sees it all.

He allows it all.

We do not know why.

That is a Mystery for now.

Many enter into a trying time where trusting and having faith in Him is truly a difficult endeavour.

But, all we are asked to do, is step out in a faithful belief that He is God of All Creation - All That Is; All that we can and cannot see or understand.

God Is from Everlasting to Everlasting.

We came on the scene when He was ready to create us.

We should trust Him because He Is Trustworthy.

He has told us in His Word that He is Unchanging.

His Law will not adapt to please our evil choices.

The Dark cannot exist in The Light.

We should take it seriously to be faithful to Him because He is faithful to us according to His Will.