False Goals

21/11/2015 08:44

Friend, as 2016 looms on the horizon, many of us think about what we have accomplished in 2015 and where we want to be at the end of 2016. We start to mull-over new goals for our life.

This is a reminder, to set as the first goal, - to know Truth.

Truth for our life; the meaning of life; how to have an abundant life; how to overcome the obstacles of the big inner conflicts.

True growth happens in the spirit when we make a concerted effort to investigate and learn about the One True God.

Satan will know your plan and will come in with his false ideals and gods to disguise what God is laying out for you so it is imperative that you examine any new grain of knowledge you think you have found to see if it lines up with what a Holy God, a Pure God would say is Truth.

The Bible is the best place to measure Truth.  It is the Truth, and when we find something that doesn't measure up, then we must discard it as an untruth.

Use the appendix of the Bible to search out many verses which have the word you desire to examine most. Don't allow your mind to accept just one verse as the point where you accept the new thought or idea. Two or more verses must have the same Truth presented.

The Charles Spurgeon website is a great tool to use also as this mere man had such a great understanding of who God is and how He responds to us. If you don't have access to a Christian church, a Christian body of believers who you can learn from, www.charlesspurgeon.org is one where Truth is presented in the form of his written sermons.

Mentioned in previous posts is www.theblueletterbible.org  where you can find the text of all the books of the Bible and other commentaries by enlightened Christian scholars who share what they have learned through exemplary Christian living and close relationship with Jesus.

For instance on the Charles Spurgeon site you can look up: hate, divorce, inner conflict, pride, love, etc.

He wrote his sermons based on the human conditions that we all face and eloquently explained them from God's perspective which he urged us to use as our measure.

Let 2016 be the year of advancemnt for your soul and spirit into the Knowledge of Truth so you can apply it to your daily experiences; home life, working life, social life, spiritual life.

God bless you in your quest.