False Wisdom

27/04/2016 23:13

Friend, only Pure, Holy Wisdom should be our desire.

Seek it with all your heart. a pure heart, one that is humbled before God; desiring only to know His Ways and Will.

All humans think they have all the answers. 

We read something, stumble upon something the devil has illuminated on the path we are travelling down, and think we have found "wisdom", but we should test it against God's Holy Word, to see if in fact, it is God's Way and not just our own way that we choose to believe in. 

It could be, the belief that could become the destruction of our soul, before we are aware of the damage done; spending many years following a demonic force; dressed as light and life and peace and goodwill, not realizing how damaging to our soul it will be.

Evil is very deceitful. It has many religions where good people are enslaved thinking they will be going to Heaven. But, always it is our own choice that has kept us there. We have believed in the goodness and peace message but without the Truth. Sadly, some call themselves Christian.

Many are the stories we hear in the local and international news of men and women who believe they are "Jesus Christ" or the "New World Leader" or various other "important leaders or teachers" that humans have been waiting for and who will help us.

God says to test those spirits to see if they are of Him.

We can test them when we know His Word. He has put all we need to "test and know" within His Word.

Tonight on television there was an episode that pitted two sets of people against each other. One side were Christians who did not want to be involved with psychics or taro card readings because of their Christian faith.  The other side were lovely good people who just believed everything was okay to do - there is no wrong way to live.

But God warns us in His Word, against interacting with mediums and seers because these types of persons mostly are from the dark side and are governed by demonic forces who are still able to interact with us through these seers; and who use us, to extract our hard earned wages through giving us information of things that have happened ( to convince or "prove" to us their knowledge) which is something these deceiving evil spirits know about, being in the spiritual realm.

It is nothing new for them to know about us.

They witness us going about our daily business; we do speak and chatter about everything to each other, so giving them plenty of knowledge about us, that they can use to fool us into thinking this person in front of us a "psychic" or card reader is "talented/has a gift" or is, "knowing". 

People who believe in these spirits will receive false wisdom. Information to convince us they are "good" spirits will be correct, but all other guidance will be to lead you away from God.

That is their mission statement. Evil spirits must lead us astray; into their own ways. They work on us so that we follow them into gloom and doom. How they'll laugh when you meet up with them after your spirit leaves your flesh body at death!

You'll know you were a fool, a puppet of satan.

But you can be a child of the Living God now, and have a personal relationship with Jesus through the love and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

Choose wisely, my friend.