Fear Is A Fierce Force

21/08/2015 19:55

Friend, know that God loves you. Go about each day with the assurance that He cares for you.  Look to Him for direction and guidance for the day.

When fear rears it's ugly head, you must turn to the Rock that is Higher than anything else in life.   The Rock of Ages - God, Jesus, the Word and Lamb of God.

Yes, He has a Name for every thing that will combat evil.  He is Better than, more Perfect than, Whole and Good, Truth, Law, Wisdom, Owner of all things, Lover of our souls, Creator, Judge, Light, Life, Generous, Ancient of Days, the Christ, Redeemer, Saviour, All That Is, The Great I AM, Lord, Merciful, Gracious, Faithful, Commander of the Heavenly Army, Victor and Victorious, Magnificent, Amazing, Peace Maker, King of kings, Lord of Lords, Healer of Bodies and Hurt Emotions, Great High Priest, our Great Hope, the Resurrection and so much more.

Fear is nothing compared to the attributes and character of God.  He is for you and He brings all these wonderful characteristics to bear when you give Him full control of your fearful situation, be it an illness, an abuser, bully, mean spirited person or just plain unbelief from a friend or family member who expresses their anger and hurt towards you. 

So, He asks you to relinquish control of these circumstances to Him. Know you have a clean slate and those issues are being worked out in His Perfect Will, and that fear is dissolving under the Power of God.

He's taking control of the situation, so let the problem play itself out - as God works in the heart and mind of the other party or parties for His Will in your life to accomplish His Purpose in you, the believer's life.

You will look back one day and see the beautiful tapestry He wove and how magnificent and perfect the outcome has been. 

His Handiwork is always Perfection.