Finding God

17/04/2016 10:31

Friend, the most important thing we can do in life is to find God.

It is the sole responsibility for our soul.

When we find Him, we can begin the real journey for our life.

So many of us put this responsibility off.

We all know inwardly this is our responsibility, but we just want to have "fun" like that old song says.

God says, that we should seek Him first and then the fun can begin.

The Holy Spirit urges us to seek God, to be searchers who actively are open to seeing Him in the world and it's surroundings.

But friend, beware of the many side roads that meander down lovely pathways that seek to entice you away from finding God.

Many are those which are filled with believable stories and myths whose authors are native peoples who have been influenced by the evil forces at work in the world. Ancient, tribal, old cultures, these should not influence you just because of the amount of time they have been around.

God is and was from eternity back to eternity forward, Kingdom without end.

He is in control. He allows evil to have it's day, but there is nothing they can do about their demise. It will happen when God gives the signal. 

I wouldn't want to be among them when their sentence is carried out. The angst will be so heavy.

They will have had a long run at being "numero uno" in their own eyes. They will have had all the fanciest "things" the world could offer. They will have had "power" and carte blanche to do as they willed.

But, possessionns will mean nothing then.

Power will be at zero.

No-one will worship them.

The better choice for your soul is to be found by God to have beleived in His Son and followed after the teaching and guidance of the Holy Spirit who has been left here in this world for the searchers and seekers after Wisdom, Love, Truth and Beauty.

Through the Spirit we find God. He is the One who leads us into a relationship with the Son and He is the One who comforts us along the Way.

Call out to God and the Spirit answers and takes your spirit and works wonders in your life.

Stay in complete communication with the Holy Spirit all day and every day and you will see that He is the One who can do all things to make a Way where there seemed to be no way.

Make the choice today to be a follower of Jesus and you will look back one day and see that you have a testimony but at the time, you did not know it was going to be a testimony. It may have seemed difficult but because you kept on believing, your life was transformed.