Flee The Darkness

26/06/2015 12:16

Friend, in Romans 13:12 it says...Let us therefore cast off the works of darkness, and let us put on the armor of Light.

The Holy Spirit speaks to our spirit here and asks us to deny the works of evil and put on Heavenly armor, of Light.

When we walk in the Light we have communion with our Lord and, He is the Ultimate Victor!  He has overcome evil and it is just using up what little time it has left to gather more conscripts to evil.

Decide today to wear the armor of Heaven.  Join God's army and be filled with Light.

Evil or the darkness will never win.  It seems to the unbeliever that evil is winning and many want to be on the winning team, but God who is Holy, is still in charge and the workings of the universes are under His total control and He is Good and Powerful and His Law is the Ultimate Law.  He wins.

The Light of Jesus is a healing energy that fills the soul and spirit with peace.  Anxiety cannot live there. Fear is overcome. Anger dissipates.  His Light banishes evil and searches out the hiding places in our souls where evil lurks and breeds.

Jesus said, "I Am the Light of the world." Believe this with all your heart. And follow after Him. Where He leads, walk fearlessly and humbly seek to know Him.  Be teachable.

Deny evil a place in your soul and let the Light of Jesus shine in and through you always.