Focus On God Only

20/05/2015 15:23

Friend, when we focus on our "self," we are not focused on God.

It's that simple.

To focus on self is to not allow God to be the Giver, Teacher, Guide, Lover of our soul and spirit.

How then can we receive all the good things that God has waiting for us?

We must focus on God. His Glory, His Majesty, His Power, His Supreme Ability to bring Goodness into our lives.

When we focus on self it is a dark world in the spirit.  The flesh is sometimes satisfied but seldom, as it always feels like something is missing.  And it is!  God is missing from the equasion.

Praise is the answer.  Praise God for Who He is and What He owns, and what He can do; everything!

Give thanks for what you have, and what He has done, and is going to do for you.  Give thanks for your forgiveness. 

Let your spirit meditate day and night on how Great God is, as you go about your day and evenings allowing Him to bless and favour you as His child.

Does this not bring you an inner peace and joy?