Focus on The Other, Not Self.

08/09/2016 21:21

Friend, God is our Strength and Power and He makes our Way Perfect when we stand with Him in total committment to His Will.

It is not profitable for our souls when we look always to be gaining something for ourselves and never putting the other people in our lives first.

Selfishness is unGodly.

Always looking inwards to justify and validate our choices, feelings and emotions is a trap set by the evil one.

How can you know that your estimation of the problem is the correct one? We make judgements of others attacks on us by what has transpired in our own lives and how we have been treated by others. Rarely are we 100 percent correct in our deductions of the issues and every little nuance of the problem.

God asks us to love one another for a reason. It helps us to focus, on those around us, and not on self.

Focusing on self does not allow us to have a Godly perspective. It takes our focus off God and places it all on our "self."  We see only our own hurt, our own woes and cannot get a properly balanced overview of the entire situation.

God becomes secondary and He must be first for us to gain Knowledge,Truth and Power over all enemies of our soul.

Let today be the day when you decide to let all those hurts and sorrows and broken trusts, feelings of neglect and abuse and so on be put aside to make room for the Spirit to help you into the Light and Glory of Truth, Wisdom and Knowledge concernig those people who have played a part in your negative thinking.

Ask the Lord to take your burden and shed His Holy Light on it and guide your heart and mind.

Forgiveness is key.

Forgive the person who plunged the knife into your back and make the relationship a clean slate. You don't have to be their best friend, especially if they haven't changed their ways and feelings towards you. But be a willing soul who believes in the Gift of Forgiveness, and because God died for you when you were a sinner, believe that He requires you do this also.

Forgive the sinner.

Some will change and some will not, but your road ahead has been cleared by you and God is pleased with you. A burden has been removed from your shoulders and you havre made a step forward on the Path of Righteousness.

Walk forward confidently in this newfound Truth and you will look back one day to see that He has kept you as the apple of His eye.

God loves a faithfilled child.