Follow Faithfully

19/07/2015 13:15

Friend, in order to be in the Will of God, we must be faithful and follow His Commands.

It is imperative we have knowledge which produces Godly Wisdom. 

The Bible is the place where we hear and see who God is and what He does for us.

Knowing His Commands to us and His Promises for us, will give us a strong will.

Our desire should be to live in His Will.

He knows all about us and those around us.

Allow Him to work in and through you,  and just follow and be faithful to see the beauty of how He works in this world. We can have great confidence that He is working things out for our good in Him.  We can know that we are loved by One so Awesome in Power that He can and will move mountains to get the result He has promised us.

In doing this we may not see immediate miracles but God works in ways that we do not see and He has a Plan and it will be carried out. 

We just need to be faithful followers.