Forgiveness - That's What We Need From God

09/11/2014 11:28

Many of us don't think we need forgiveness.  The world today tells us: to be ourselves- warts and all, everything we do is A-OK.

But the Bible tells us differently.  It describes how God sees us and how and why we are in need of forgiveness from God in order to be reconciled to Him.

God is Pure and Holy and His Purposes are synchronized to His Perfect Will & Law.

If you are living outside of this you are in need of a Saviour, for you will not be able to reconcile yourself to God without one.

In His Goodness, God sent a Saviour for those of us who believe in God.  It is our only way out of the hell that awaits us on the other side. 

Friend, you may think you do not need a Saviour, but stop and ask your soul and spirit what it wants.  If you think your flesh (you) is bad to the bone like the song - in reality you will not like hell.  No one is as evil as the devil.  You only have his traits because he is using you while here to do his will.  You are not your own.  The devil lies to you.  God will not.

We hear of evil things happening and being perpetrated by souls who are pawns of the devil but what they do is a drop in the bucket of what pure evil is like.  You will see that in hell.  You're on the earth now and God has only allowed satan so much power, while he uses up his probationary time.

God uses the devil's wiles and schemes to show us the difference between, evil and good.  From all bad things God can make beauty- He asks you to test Him on this.  He has and will for anyone who calls on Him in childlike faith.

Recognize your state before God and ask for Forgiveness through His Son Jesus who died in your place for your sin. He will give it to a repentant and remorseful heart. 

Your new name, like mine will be Forgiven.

It's a beautiful thing.